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Award: ISPE All Access Conference Scholarship

Award News

Award: Ankle Award

2021 July, Toronto

Name: Andrew Lam

Award: Ankle Award
This award recognizes a student who has completed a project that represents innovative, 'outside-the-box' thinking with an outcome or outcomes related to improved health systems, patient care, research results or new ways of completing tasks that enhance medical practice.


Training Award

Award: Filling in the Gap

Jan 2022-Dec 2023, Zurich

Name: Sabine Schmid

Award: Fill in the Gap
A 2-year career development program funded by the University of Zurich. It is designated to support physician scientists in their academic career and provides protected research time from 20%-50% over a period of 18 to 24 months.


Award News

Award: 2022 Institute of Medical Science Faculty Recognition Award
for Exceptional Teaching.

2022, Toronto

Name: Geoffrey Liu

Award: 2022 Institute of Medical Science Faculty Recognition Award
for Exceptional Teaching.


This faculty recognition award is presented to IMS faculty members for their exceptional
contribution to teaching IMS graduate courses within an appointment term.
Good graduate teaching requires a commitment to students and their learning. Being able to
organize material and stimulate student interest are qualities that are crucial in helping them feel
motivated as they work through the challenges of graduate education. Innovation and creativity
are also key elements that help develop an academic atmosphere designed to help students
succeed. As a recipient of this award, you embody these qualities and for that the IMS celebrates

Presentation News

Fifteen poster presentations and two oral presentations at the Medical Oncology Division Day, 2019!

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