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Dr. Yuchen Li

Li, Yuchen - Medical Oncology PGY4.jpg

Dr. Yuchen Li is currently a lung medical oncology fellow at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and he will soon start as a staff medical oncologist at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario in Kingston, Ontario. He participated in COMBIEL as a research summer student, under the supervision of Dr. Liu, an experience that sparked his interest for a career in medical oncology. Dr. Li is particularly interested in research areas including quality improvement, health services, and integration of artificial intelligence into clinical practice. 

How did you first become interested in medical oncology?

My summer research experience as a medical student at COMBIEL sparked my interest in medical oncology.


How did you get involved in COMBIEL?

I participated in the summer research program under the supervision of Dr. Liu during my second year of medical school, which led to my involvement in COMBIEL.


Are you doing any research currently? If so, could you tell us a little more about it?

I am currently engaged in research with a focus on quality improvement, healthcare services, and artificial intelligence. Specifically, I am working on a project to identify potentially preventable ED visits for cancer patients using a combination of human characterization and machine learning techniques.


Are there any future projects? What do you plan on doing/achieving in the future?

I am working on identifying links between systemic inflammatory markers and cancer outcomes, using machine learning techniques to extract real-world patient data for observational studies, and examining prescribing patterns of antibiotics for cancer patients presenting with non-neutropenic fever. I hope to become an expert in quality improvement and integrating novel technologies such as artificial intelligence to improve clinical care


What drove/inspired you to become a medical oncologist?

I was drawn to medical oncology for its intellectual stimulation and the opportunity to communicate with patients on a deep, meaningful level.

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