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Year- Round COMBIEL & Metrics

Year-Round UHN COMBIEL: Bi-monthly presentations and didactic/workshops continue outside of the summer months, with a focus on cross-disciplinary research of graduate, post-graduate, and post-doctoral trainees, and following the same educational philosophy as described for the condensed summer program. 


Metrics of Success of UHN COMBIEL: There are over 250 abstract publications/research presentations given by UHN COMBIEL trainees on their UHN COMBIEL research projects in the in loco-regional, provincial, national, and international conferences (see a selection listed under, choose “Activities”). Over ten NOYCIA awards and a dozen ASCO Merit awards have been distributed to COMBIEL trainees. In early June 2020, we reached the milestone of having 100 research publications with UHN COMBIEL trainees as the firstauthor, publishing on their UHN COMBIEL projects. Figure 1 (top panel) presents the number of trainees on individual research publications (to demonstrate the innovation of having different trainees with varying backgrounds working on the same research project, under various supervisors that have specific content and methodological expertise. Trainee satisfaction comes from the fact that, of the individuals who have the opportunity to return in future summers, over 85% have requested to do so. Figure 1 (middle panel) documents the number of publications with firstauthorship coming from a COMBIEL trainee, by year (total n=100). Figure 1 (bottom panel) shows the distribution of publications with a COMBIEL trainee as a first author (n=100), by type of research, demonstrating that trainees are exposed to all different types of research during the educational sessions. 

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