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Integrative Analysis

Project Co-Leads: Drs. Geoffrey Liu, Wei Xu, and Benjamin Haibe-Kains

Vision: Combining data from Projects 1-4 to determine which combined strategy is most effective in early detection of lung cancer.


Projects 1-4 explore a number of different approaches to achieve our goal. Data generated from these projects will inform guidelines on integrating each of the new or improved platforms for testing: improved CT screening, radiomics, liquid biopsies, and breathomics. Outcomes of interest will include the ability of each method to improve early detection accuracy, weighed against the cost of each platform or change in procedure. 


What will the impact be in five years?

 We expect that the data from Projects 1-4 will enable us to develop the best guidelines for the early detection of lung cancer. As more and more data is generated, we anticipate refining the guidelines further.

Main Hypothesis: 

The overarching goal of Lung-CALIBRE is to improve the early detection of lung cancer. Individually, each of the projects may have incrementally improved the ability to detect lung cancer early. This integrated analysis will explore which combination of all these methods will produce the most effective screening programs. 

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