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Project 1: OPTIMAL



Models such as patient-derived xenografts or organoids will help elucidate mechanisms of resistance in targetable lung cancers, and ultimately impact on individual patient survival.

Research Question:

Can we identify the ways in which drugs used in never-smoking related lung cancer develop resistance, and ways to overcome this resistance? 



The focus of this research is to use mouse and organoid models to understand why such treatment resistance occurs and how to better manage patient outcomes through the selection of targeted agents. In the past two years, we have taken some of these models and focused on understanding the effect of drug sensitivity on them. We are now expanding our efforts to understand the biology of these tumours. 


Scientific Aims: 

(1) To develop primary derived models of late stage lung cancers with EGFR or ALK mutations 

(2) To utilize these models to study resistance mechanisms after tyrosine kinase inhibitor failure 

(3) To utilize these models to identify appropriate treatment for their associated patients. 

Publication 1

Publication 2


Funding Sources: Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute IMPACT grant

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